Scandinavian Rail Optimisation will assess the progress of the region’s use of the Internet of Things to date, the level of its capabilities, the practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to mitigate the likely challenges to implementation.



Registration and Welcome Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media

Organisor and Chairman’s Welcome

Investments & Objectives for the region


Camilla Ahston | Senior International Strategist | Trafikverket

Business opportunities with The Swedish Transport Administration

  • How to become a supplier to Trafikverket
  • High Speed Rail
  • Conventional Rail


Ellen Alstrup | Programme Manager – BIM & Asset Management | Banedanmark

20 years of experience in the Danish railway system - always from a management perspective

  • Programme manager | BIM
  • Project manager | Conducting study asset structure
  • PMO | Signalling programme, DSB Future Trains, Punctuality programme
  • General manager | signalling systems in use


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

How digital rail solutions can support robust Scandinavian cargo services with an assessment of use cases focusing on:

  • Weather and topography
  • Industry types and commercial trends
  • Geo-politics and supply chain evolution


Claes Lindholtz | Director Business Development and Digital Transformation | SJ

How do you transform a 160 year old railway company to becoming Sweden’s most digital organisation

  • How do you drive a transformation to create long lasting value
  • How to utilise emerging technology to speed up your transformation
  • How to get employees engaged in digital transformation


Carl Fredrik Karlsen | Commercial Director | CargoNet

Methods of increasing quality and reliability in intermodal train solutions

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Digitalization of fleet management
  • Information sharing


Kaspars Briskens | Head of Strategy & Development | Rail Baltica

Using a greenfield megaproject opportunity to promote transport and digital infrastructure synergies.

  • Intelligent infrastructure design enabling life-cycle cost savings and optimum functionalities
  • Local, regional and European benefits of digitalised mobility and connectivity
  • Nordic-Baltic stakeholder cooperation as basis for collaborative innovation & digitalisation


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Visions & Innovations


Carlo Borghini | Executive Director | Shift2Rail

Shift2Rail delivers the capabilities to bring about sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time driven, digital and competitive customer-driven railways for Europe

  • The key challenges for railway sector in Europe
  • The railway innovation capabilities
  • S2R mission and vision


Desai Deep | COO | Sensonic

Quantitative DAS enables a quantum leep in continuous track monitoring

  • Quantitative DAS is the next evolution of distributed wayside sensing
  • This allows to identify track degradation in a very early stage
  • Real time data analytics enables comprehensive condition-based monitoring of track infrastructure


Howard Rosen | Chairman | Rail Working Group

The Luxembourg Rail Protocol: playing an important role in the Scandinavian digital rail revolution

  • Understanding the Protocol
  • Providing new finance for new technology
  • URVIS and why it will be a game changer for the industry


Philippe Citroën | Director General | Unife

Digitalisation of the Rail supply industry (RSI)

  • Definition of a strategy for the RSI
  • How to build a cooperation between the rail stakeholders?
  • Which benefit for the final transport user?


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Digitalisation & Innovation in Railway Operations


Carit Benike | Head of Information Technology | DB Cargo Scandinavia

Optimisation is the culture of winners

  • Darwinism in the modern transport sector – walk the talk
  • Management vs. production: Targets and tools vs. transformation and teams
  • IT facilitating change: Building acceptance, respect, trust between railway opportunities and traditions


Javier de la Cruz | Managing Director | CAF Rail Digital Services

LeadMind: Making Use Of Data For Improved Decision Making both for operators and maintainers. Improving availability and reliability while reducing LCC

  • Digitalisation of Rolling Stock Maintenance: Integrating LeadMind with CMMS.
  • Real Time and Advanced Analytics: Two streams of data for different business cases.
  • Digital Transformation: Different functionalities adapted for different roles.


Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik | Chief Information Security Officer | Vy Group

Building trust and delivering resilience

  • Trust in digital customer services post GDPR
  • Building resilience in IT / OT systems
  • Future challenges for railway operator companies


Per Jernström | Data Scientist | VR Group

Advanced optimisation and data driven growth in passenger traffic

  • Optimisation and forecasting use cases
  • Democratisation of data to the business
  • ROI of a data and analytics functionality


David Dorval | Founder & CEO | STIMIO

How IoT and Digital Twins reshuffles Railways Maintenance Approach

  • From local measurements to global behavior modeling
  • Lightweight data driven approach for a rapid ROI
  • From early experiments to massive deployments


Aske Mastrup Wieth-Knudsen | Vice president, Cooperate Responsibility | DSB

DSB´s Sustainable Digital Sales Channels

  • DSB´s journey towards the implementation of the sustainable digital sales channels
  • Sustainability in the Danish journey planner
  • Future ideas for improving sustainability in the sales channels


Victor Martinez | Rail CoMo & Digitalization Global Center Director | SKF Group

On-board IoT solutions applied for reliable maintenance extension of safety critical railway wheel-set

  • Railway industry is facing challenges to increase traffic capacity while reducing maintenance cost and increase service reliability
  • Bogies maintenance represents high percentage of the train life cycle cost and wheels life have been considerably extended during last years
  • Wheel-set bearings are safety critical components with fixed maintenance intervals, are becoming the limiting factor for wheel-set and bogie overhaul maintenance extension


Rail Operators Panel Discussion

What can be achieved from digitising my railway operations?

  • As the demand for the modal shift from road to rail increases, what are your challenges in supporting future growth?
  • Are long standing, traditional standards and rules preventing, or at least slowing down Railways of maximising the full potential of new digital technologies which the industry has to offer?
  • How are you optimising digital solutions to obtain smart data to increase the efficiency and services of your operations?


  • Claes Lindholtz | Director Business Development and Digital Transformation | SJ
  • Per Jernström | Data Scientist | VR Group
  • Carit Benike | Head of Information Technology | DB Cargo Scandinavia
  • Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik | Chief Information Security Officer | Vy Group
  • Christophe Guionet | Director of Rail Development | Traxens
  • Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot


Afternoon Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Digitalisation & Innovation in rail Infrastructure


Juha Lehtola | Project Manager, Digirail | Vayla

Finnish strategy for Railway infrastructure development and digitalisation.

  • National transport system plan – Finnish 12 year program for traffic infrastructure development
  • Digirail – Finnish strategy for railway digitalisation
  • ETCS over IP-based commercial radio network


Jonas Wåhlander | Nordic Sales | OSIsoft

Best Practices for Deploying Actionable Decision Systems

  • Attributes of self-serve actionable data for stakeholders
  • Supporting advanced analytics and automation
  • Integrating resilience to meet organizational challenges with examples


Hamid Zarghampour | Chief Strategist. Connected and Automated Transports | Trafikverket

Transportation in the era of digitalisation- Challenges and Opportunity

  • Contextualising the impacts from the global economy on the traditional modes of transports
  • The challenge of sufficient and wisely investments on the further development of the transport systewhich satisfies the needs of the globalised economy
  • The dilemma of a right proportions of investments on the traditional transportation system, and promoting introduction of new mobility solutions


Flemming Højskov Andersen | Head of Section for Business Development | Banedanmark

Digital initiatives to optimize asset management and maintenance

  • Initiatives for better information coherence
  • Progress of the application of digital and prognostic monitoring technologies
  • Steps towards more data driven asset management


Jørgen Torgersen | Head of Smart Maintenance | BANE Nor

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics for S&C Asset Management in Bane NOR

  • Introduction of Switch Margin and why
  • The multiple use of Slip Clutch Detector
  • Why Slip Clutch Prediction is difficult but worth it
  • The app


Infrastructure Manager Panel Discussion

How are you embracing the latest digital technologies to help you achieve a more intelligent infrastructure?

  • It could be argued that the rail industry is regimented by standards, rather than continuous learning. What do you feel needs to change to harness the latest digital solutions available to enable the rail sector to thrive in the 21st century?
  • How important is it for Railways to collaborate with solution providers as speed of innovation and systems based on AI are now key requirements in order to solve maintenance problems?
  • With the numerous digital solutions now available that collect Big Data, what are your challenges in distinguishing between the mass of data which is collected, and smart data that is useful to help you with your maintenance operations?


  • Flemming Højskov Andersen | Head of Section for Business Development | Banedanmark
  • Hamid Zarghampour | Chief Strategist. Connected and Automated Transports | Trafikverket
  • Carlo Borghini | Executive Director | Shift2Rail
  • Jørgen Torgersen| Head of Smart Maintenance | Bane NOR
  • Kaspars Briskens | Head of Strategy & Development | Rail Baltica
  • Florian Auer | Director of Technology | Plasser & Theurer


Chairman’s Closing Comments


Drinks Reception

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